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We are strategy and creative consultancy with a global outlook, obsessed with driving change. Our methodology integrates data, design, and narratives so your brand can engage emotionally with audiences.

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Finding meaningful pathways to the world for our clients is the challenge we treasure the most. In every project we ensure that eyes, brain, and heart are connected, inspired, and engaged.




We are bilingual, multicultural, philosophers, designers, anthropologist, political scientists, MBAs, screenwriters, journalist, and generally, hyperactive.

  • Laura Adiwasito

  • Mauricio Bejarano

  • Jorge Rojas

  • Sergio Clavijo

  • Silvia Guzmán

  • Gorka Basaguren

  • Camilo Garzón

  • Paula Pinzón

  • Mauricio Noguera

  • Diana Alvarado

  • Juliana Ramírez

  • Olivia Sauzey

  • Katherine Rodríguez

  • Christian Ureta

  • Johan Sierra

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